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The ads, posters, and photos accessible below can be downloaded, printed in their current form, mounted, and hung in any appropriate location within a Dana facility. Included are conference rooms, hallways, lobbies, training rooms, etc. If there is any doubt regarding the appropriateness of your particular venue, you may contact Corporate Communications at

Please make sure that you replace images biannually. Print and adhere to Sintra® and use Velcro® or hidden hardware to attach the image to the wall or place in a brushed or anodized aluminum frame. Never use a highly reflective glass (or laminate) to protect the image(s). Reflections from windows, people, etc. detract from and weaken the overall impact. All items that hang on the wall should be centered to a line that is 66 – 72 inches from the floor. Once you determine the height of your center line, all images in that room should center to that height.

Commercial Vehicle

Power Technologies Group

Light Vehicle




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OverDrive Posters

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3 Ghosted Vehicles – All Business Units