Promotional Merchandise


The official source for Dana promotional merchandise is They can help you with pre-approved products and special orders that can be shipped worldwide.

Promotional products using the Dana Diamond, designed to further enhance Dana’s brand equity within the marketplace, are available for purchase from Dana’s preferred supplier, The Image Group. The identity program features a broad range of apparel and gifts for distribution to employees, customers, and other external shareholders. The program offers Dana people the benefits of quality, product selection, and low cost. Another benefit the preferred merchandise program offers is correct application of Dana’s identity and design formats, as well as quality image reproduction, which helps to strengthen the Dana and product brands.


A primary brand logotype or primary brand product logo are the only two graphic elements that may compete with the Dana Diamond on any advertisement, apparel, promotional item, printed material, or signage. The Dana web site address may be used if space and reproduction method allows. If you believe that your application may be an exception to this, please contact Corporate Communications at


For clothing, the Dana Diamond may be embroidered or silk-screened. Standard placement of the Dana Diamond is left chest, sleeve, or cuff of garment. Approved color options for the Dana Diamond are full color (Dana Blue with black,) all black, all white, or tone-on-tone. If the full-color Dana Diamond is used on dark material, a fine white line must surround the logo (see logo version “A1”). In this case, the inside field should be white.


Version A of the Dana Diamond is preferred whenever possible. Primary brand product logos should be displayed in their appropriate color designation. To ensure a uniform Dana Blue reproduction for the Dana Diamond, a Pantone Process Blue color swatch may be attached for supplier use in color matching. Color swatches can be ordered at If there is any doubt that the supplier can provide an acceptable match to Dana Blue, a one-color black positive or white reverse image should be specified.

Minimum Size

Minimum size for the Dana Diamond on promotional merchandise varies depending on the application, but must be large enough to be readable. If you are at all unsure, please contact Corporate Communications.

Embroidery Applications

Embroidery applications require a minimum width of 1-1/4 inch for any Dana Diamond, because it becomes distorted if embroidered smaller than this width. Additional thread colors do not usually affect the price; the number of stitches determines price. For better reproduction quality, a high stitch count will ensure good coverage.

Silk-Screening Applications

Silk-screen applications on clothing require a minimum width of 3/4 inch for any Dana Diamond. Additional colors, including white, add to the cost of the silk screen. Silk-screen printing is more difficult to match for registration than offset printing is.

Promotional Items to be Avoided

Using the Dana Diamond on promotional merchandise poses unique challenges due to variability in shapes, sizes, and substrates of individual items. Be selective of the promotional merchandise you choose to display the Dana Diamond. For additional information about the proper use of the Dana Diamond in promotional merchandise, consult Corporate Communications at

Examples of Improper Design Formats
  • A black shirt with a red collar and red bands around sleeves. Do not use a red Dana Diamond. It is preferable to use an all black or an all white Dana Diamond.
  • A black and tan striped shirt. It is preferable to use a full-color or black Dana Diamond with the inside field of white or tan, so that the striped material does not show through.
Other Merchandise Applications

Imprinting Applications
Small merchandise, including pens, pencils, key chains, etc., has a limited imprinting area. On such small items, it is recommended to use an all-black or all-white Dana Diamond.

Engraving Applications
Plaques and other engraved promotional merchandise can be etched in all-black or all-white Dana Diamond.

Embossing, Debossing, or Hot Stamp Applications
The best registration for embossing or debossing applications is achieved by using a Dana Diamond with a minimum width of two inches. Hot stamping applications require a minimum width of one inch. Acceptable hot stamping colors: All-white, all-black, and one-tone metallic colors.