Authorized Spicer® Off-Highway Service Centers Identity Guidelines


Dana welcomes you on board as an Authorized Spicer® Off-Highway Service Center. We look forward to a prosperous partnership for years to come. We encourage you to communicate to your business contacts that you are an authorized representative of the Spicer brand and we have prepared this identity guide to ensure that our brand and voice remain consistent throughout all of your communications. By using the Spicer brand and our legacy brands properly, you will also be assuring your customers that you are both an officially recognized service center, backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry.

The graphic below helps you alert customers to the fact that some of the brands that they may be used to purchasing are now part of the Spicer family of products. Customers looking for Clark,™ Clark-Hurth,™ Comaxle,™ Kirkstall,™ Sige,™ Spicer® GWB®, Spicer® Italcardano,™or Spicer® Ayra-Cardan® products will now find them under the Spicer® brand, a name synonymous with quality and reliability.

spicer legacy brands1

File Name: spicer_legacy_brands1.eps

File Name: spicer_legacy_brands1.jpg

File Name: spicer_legacy_brands1.tiff









spicer legacy brands2+3

File Name: spicer_legacy_brands2.eps

File Name: spicer_legacy_brands2.jpg

File Name: spicer_legacy_brands2.tiff









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On This Site

These identity guidelines provide standards for a number of opportunities to promote our partnership. Please note that “Bob’s Service Center” is a fictitious name used to show where service centers may place their own company logo, address, phone number, hours of operation, etc. The examples shown refer to Service Centers.

The Spicer® Brand.

The following information serves to reinforce the Spicer brand. We encourage you to use the files and templates located below, but we ask that you adhere to the specifications included in this guide and that you do not alter any logos or art files. Modifying the elements not only undermines our overall brand image, but it could also jeopardize our legal right to exclusive use of the mark. The logo must occupy a prominent position in the design of any visual communication. Please note as well that it is important to establish a clear space around the logo. The logo may appear hidden if it is crowded by other text or design elements, diminishing the recognizable nature of our brand.





Website Logo Usage

   acceptable_unacceptable spi

We encourage you to promote yourself as a Dana Authorized Spicer® Off-Highway Service Center on your website, and this site includes effective ways to do so. If you are only planning to use the Spicer logo on your website, we ask that you include the file labeled spicer_web_logo.png. If reversed, please use the file labeled spicer_web_logo_rev.png. In order to preserve the integrity of the Spicer brand, we ask that you use the file as is; keep the height and width of the logo proportional, and do not stretch, squeeze or otherwise alter it in any way.

NOTE: Minimum size (height) for a Primary Aftermarket Brand Logo including the Dana is 3/8 in.

minimum size dia_3-8 in









Logo Colors

Below are the Pantone and Web-Safe colors that make up the Spicer logo. For more information on Dana aftermarket brand standards, visit

logo colors






Web Graphic

If your website has a reserved space for an icon, please use the graphic below. The jpeg size is 200 pixels by 150 pixels. The Service Center web graphic can be downloaded here.

Product Center web graphic







service center stationery group


For formal communications, letterhead is one of the most important applications of both your brand and the Spicer brand. By adhering to these standards, you can help maintain a consistent appearance.

The standard letterhead size in the United States is 81/2” x 11”. International sizes vary but are based on the standard letterhead specifications. The Spicer brand elements should be positioned from the bottom of the page using the same measurements. Copy is to be centered at least .35˝ from bottom of page.

File Name: spicer_service_letterhead.eps

File Name: spicer_service_letterhead.jpg

File Name: spicer_service_letterhead.tiff





Business Card

Even in this high-tech age, the business card remains a standard form of building and maintaining business relationships. Ensuring a consistent look will be beneficial as customers and contacts make a connection between your business and the trusted Spicer name.

File Name: spicer_service_bc.eps

File Name: spicer_service_bc.jpg

File Name: spicer_service_bc.tiff




The Spicer brand elements should be centered on the outside flap of the envelope.

A #10 envelope is 9.5” x 4.125”

File Name: spicer_service_envelope.eps

File Name: spicer_service_envelope.jpg

File Name: spicer_service_envelope.tiff


Window Decal

service center sticker

Let your customers know that you carry Spicer, the most trusted name in drivetrain components, right as they enter. Download a sample window sticker in one of the following formats.

File Name: spicer_service_sticker.eps

File Name: spicer_service_sticker.jpg

File Name: spicer_service_sticker.tiff







Yellow Pages Print Ad

service center yp ad

You can download an art file for use in your Yellow Pages ad. The point size of the typography will vary depending on the size of your ad, but it should maintain its proportion to the size of your company’s logo.

File Name: spicer_service_yp.eps

File Name: spicer_service_yp.jpg

File Name: spicer_service_yp.tiff


Outdoor Signage

service center outdoor brd

When creating an outdoor sign, please remember to make the Spicer logo large enough to fully illustrate the relationship between your company and Spicer.

File Name: spicer_service_sign.eps

File Name: spicer_service_sign.jpg

File Name: spicer_service_sign.tiff