Aftermarket Mobile Apps Introduction

The following basic guidelines should be followed by anyone creating mobile apps for use in Dana’s aftermarket.

The App Icon

The icon for your app should always contain the Family Brand Unit, the Confetti, the Dana Diamond, and descriptive words below. It may also contain an additional graphic that is specific to your app.

Spicer App Icons

Aftermarket Mobile App Basics

Dana’s aftermarket Family Brand Units are called that for a reason. They’re part of the Dana Family of Brands. Every effort should be made to align each particular Brand so that they bear a family resemblance. What happens once you scroll down or click off of the landing page will be up to the individual Brand manager, but the landing pages should look like the illustrations below. Note that the confetti is the same size and the Family Brand Units are the same size.

Secondary Page Background Colors

Only a relatively small handful of colors may be used as backgrounds when creating a secondary “page” in your Dana Aftermarket app. These include a solid background consisting of 100 percent of the family brand color. The only other acceptable colors are dark gray, black, and white. Do not choose colors that you just happen to like. The colors must fall in line with the Dana Brand. NOTE: The example shown reflects the Spicer Brand. The first screen would be blue for Victor Reinz, yellow for Glaser, etc., etc.

spicer screen colors2

Adding Content

Although it may be difficult or even impossible for every page of your app to be branded, do everything you can to make at least the landing page fit into the Dana Aftermarket style.

adding content