Responsive Website – Home Page

Dana aftermarket sites should promote consistency across all of their brands, with a brand logo and confetti image in the top left corner above the main navigation bar. The headline should be bold and simple followed by brief introductory copy. Each component of the homepage (Twitter feed, callout boxes, news and events, and brand bar) should appear in accordance with the layout at right. Copy inside the six callout boxes should not exceed three lines. Copy on interior pages should follow the head/subhead/copy example seen here, and use of the serial comma is required.

Responsive Website – Interior Page

Responsive Website – Mobile Devices

Websites developed for Dana Aftermarket Brands must be created using responsive web design. This means that they instantly detect the size of the user’s screen using break points, scaling and repositioning the content to match the dimensions of the screen. Responsive web design eliminates the need for mobile sites with alternate URLs. Users are no longer redirected to a mobile site, so loading time is reduced.