Conference Room Introduction

Setting Expectations

Each and every Dana facility around the world has its own unique characteristics and personality. However, in an effort to maintain a sense of Corporate Identity going forward, it will be expected that the conference room or rooms in each facility migrate toward a look and feel consistent with the standards set forth on this page.

The conference room standards have been created to maintain a customer-facing presence that is consistent across the globe. To achieve this consistency as a company, it is very important that each person involved in the process understands and follows these guidelines. Our logo is the most critical component of our brand identity, and because of this, special attention must be paid to logo production, sizing and placement. An integral part of this process, and one that must be included well in advance of the planned build, is to obtain approval of your plans and layouts, contact Corporate Communications here.

It is understood that budgets will not allow for these updates to happen immediately, but when a refresh is deemed necessary, and as funds become available, it will be expected that upgrades will follow the guidelines as set forth in this section of the Dana Branding and Identity Standards.

Conference Room Look and Feel

The Conference Room is high-tech, very clean and uncluttered. The images below will help you visualize what we are trying to achieve. Obviously, all conference rooms are different in terms of size, the number of doors and/or windows, etc., but the final result should take instruction from what you see here.

Corporate Identity – Dana Diamond

The Dana Diamond should be shown on the main wall of the conference room. Material should be 1/4” (6mm) horizontally brushed stainless steel, anodized aluminum or a metal laminate substitute affixed directly to the white surface.

“People Finding a Better Way”

The corporate themeline, “People Finding A Better Way”, may be locked with the Dana Diamond (when locked up with the Diamond, they are together referred to as the Corporate Endorsement Unit or CEU), or placed separately close by. Material should be 1/4” (6mm) dimensional, horizontally brushed stainless steel, anodized aluminum or a metal laminate substitute. Refer to the People Finding A Better Way guidelines under the Introduction section of this website.

Graphic Application – Decorative

On large wall surfaces, graphic content should be kept to a minimum and should be contained to the portion of the wall that is at the attendee’s eye level. It is recommended to use a graphic band to keep the space organized and clean. Verbiage should be kept to a minimum and detail such as engineering specifications, charts, and graphics are not recommended.

Inkjet printed graphics are applied to 6mm Dibond with a low-lustre overlaminate applied to the first surface. Substrate is mounted proud of the finish wall surface with 28mm hanging cleats held in from the perimeter to become invisible.

Content may include imagery, facility designation, or current corporate messaging. The Global Presence Map as well as additional options are available on the Image Library section of the Brand Standards.


There may be various types of wall coverings or materials used in your conference rooms, but if your wall is painted, use satin white RAL 9003 or similar. Please follow the guidance available on the Industrial Painting section of the Brand Standards.

Optional accent wall in the conference room should be finished with matte blue RAL 5005.


The Dana lobby ceiling should always be white. Construction may be either standard, smooth drywall or a suspended ceiling. If installing a suspended ceiling, the panels should be square and not rectangular.


Flooring requirements and preferences differ significantly around the world, so raised floors, commercial grade carpeting, and hard-surface flooring can be used as budgets and local standards dictate. However, the color of these elements must be consistent globally.

Specification detail can be found in the Materials Palette section of this website.


Furniture should be like everything else found in the Dana lobby. Simple, modern, clean design. Keep in mind that the modern furniture you choose needs to be within the color palette.

Shown here are some more examples of the kinds of modern furniture that would fit into the Dana look and feel.



Lighting is a critical element to any room. Lighting specifications and details should be considered and detailed per local norms, regulations and availability. When choosing task lighting such as desk lamps or low voltage tech lighting, be sure that it fits with our clean, modern look and feel and follows the color palette.


Hardware can vary from facility to facility. However, the same style and finish should be used throughout a given facility as much as possible for the sake of consistency. A couple of good resources for finding clean, modern hardware when fitting out a Dana lobby are Ironmonger and HEWI for door levers etc. and Mockett for display hardware such as brackets, door stops, drawer pulls, stand-offs, etc.

Dana-stainless-steel-stand-offsStainless steel stand-offs (and caps) can be purchased in varying heights from Doug Mockett & Company.

Shown here are just a handful of door levers available at