Confetti Usage

Understanding how to properly use Dana’s aftermarket confetti pattern is very important. Following the simple rules outlined below will help everyone within our organization to not only know HOW to use it, but also WHEN to use it. Any other use of confetti than listed on this page must be approved through Aftermarket Marketing.

Family Brand Unit / Confetti Lockup

The confetti pattern is never to be used alone. It is always used in conjunction with the the Family Brand Unit, consisting of a Dana Aftermarket Brand, a color bar, and category descriptor. Both elements are at a 14° angle and, in most cases, are “locked” together as shown below. In those instances where the two elements are separated by such things as type or images, the two elements are used in close proximity to each other. If you see one, you see the other. In addition, except when the confetti wraps to a secondary panel as it does on packaging, the two elements size up or down as a unit. When locked together there is an “in stone” angle/size/spacing relationship between the two components.

When extending the confetti horizontally, everything extends left and right from the center line. The depth of the confetti can be adjusted by extending the bottom to be as deep (or shallow) as needed.


General Guidelines

As with aftermarket packaging graphics, the Dana Diamond is situated in the bottom right corner below the Family Brand Unit (FBU). The FBU/confetti combo may be placed in its original “locked up” relationship or can be separated by a space that may be filled with content, i.e., words, illustrations, or both. What’s behind these elements can change, but care must be taken to make sure there is no conflict between the various elements. Below are several examples, not by any means exhaustive, of good and bad combinations. Be very discriminating. When in doubt, throw it out.


Explanation of Examples Shown

A. For solid color backgrounds (other than white), use a color that creates a good contrast with the Family Brand Unit and does not fight with the brand color.
B. This shows examples of colors that either fight with the brand color and/or detract from readability.
C. Good readability on Family Brand Unit. Clouds on left side are fighting with the confetti pattern.
D. Make sure the Family Brand Unit you choose affords enough contrast with your background.
E. Good example of inserting content between the Family Brand Unit and the confetti pattern.
F. The background image fights with the readability of the Family Brand Unit and the confetti pattern.


Trade Shows

As shown, when adding images in trade show displays which use the FBU/confetti lockup, images and text may be placed over the lower part of the confetti. For more information visit the Trade Shows page on the Dana Brand Standards.


The FBU and confetti are locked together when used on a website. The confetti is always in its brand color, however it may fade to black as shown.For more information visit the Aftermarket Web and Aftermarket Mobile pages on the Dana Brand Standards.

Social Media

Following are some basic guidelines to help achieve consistency when creating social media, counter cards, ceiling danglers, etc., using Spicer Select as an example. Any other use of confetti must be approved through Aftermarket Marketing.