Email Signatures

Format, Content, and Style

Following are a few standards that will ensure that all of our signatures have consistency throughout the company.

The typeface used in Dana emails, including email signatures, is Arial (regular), 12 point, with normal spacing.
The background color for all Dana emails is to be white.

Unless it says “optional” next to an item in the example(s) below, it should be included in your email signature.
You may delete optional items below but the remaining information should follow in the order shown. Business Unit or Group Name – Short Form may be combined with Title/Function or eliminated when representing more than one group.
Please click here for information on Business Unit or Group Name – Short Form.

As members of an international corporation, it is also important to use globally recognized wording, i.e., “Office,” “Mobile,” etc,. as opposed to “Tel,” “Phone,” “Cell,” etc.
Include your country code, preceded by a plus sign, in your phone numbers.
Hyphens should be used in telephone numbers instead of parentheses, periods, or spaces. Outside of North America you may use spaces instead of hyphens as per local custom.
The web address may be edited to any appropriate dana url, but should be limited to one url per email signature.

Signature Options

Below is the standard for Dana email signatures in two options, one for Business Unit employees and one for corporate employees.

Dana employees working outside of the United States should observe local regulations pertaining to additional information that needs to be included in their email signatures. Below you will find links with legal requirements for other countries.

NOTE: Do not use quotations, emojis, political or religious statements, sports affiliations, unauthorized images or any other personal messages on your company email signature.

Business Unit


Mobile Device Email Signatures

The signature below should be used for emails originating from a mobile device or tablet. Again, there are two options, one for Business Unit employees and one for corporate employees.

Business Unit

Email Signatures By Country

Clicking the appropriate link below will take you to one or more approved email signatures for your country. Find the most applicable example, and enter your specific information. In doing so, you may need to edit your address, etc.

Argentina    Australia    Belgium    Brazil     Canada     China    Columbia   Ecuador    France

Germany    Hungary    India    Italy    Japan    Mexico    Russia    South Africa    South Korea

Spain    Sweden    Switzerland    Taiwan    Thailand    United Kingdom    United States

Email Signature Setup Instructions:

How to set a default email account on your computer
Outlook Online

Apple Device
How to set a default email account on your iPhone and iPad
iPhone Native
Outlook App
Outlook Web Access



Q: Can I include the brand names within in my signature?
A: Generally, no. We all work for Dana Incorporated, and that is the name that should go in our signatures and on our business cards. We represent One Dana. We sell brands. Some customer-facing employees may have a need to include brands in a promotional banner, web address, or as part of a legal entity at the bottom of their address, but it should be clear that we all work for one unified organization – Dana.

Q: If the legal entity in my country is also the name of the brand I’ve used in my title before, shouldn’t I keep using that?
A: No. We are proud of the brands that we sell, and they are part of our rich history. However, it is important for our customers and our employees to know the difference between the brand name of our products and the name of our company, which is Dana Incorporated.

Q: Why do I have to enter the + in front of my phone number?
A: With the + preceding your country code, in an emergency anyone with a mobile device can go to your e-mail, click on your phone number, from anywhere in the world, and the call should go through. If you do not enter the + symbol, the phone may not understand the country code, and the call may or may not work.

Q: Should we order new business cards?
A: No. Please use the remaining business cards that you have, even if they say Dana Holding Corporation. When it is time to replenish your cards, please update the company name to Dana Incorporated per the standards found at


Telephone and Voicemail Greeting

When it makes sense, the introduction to the employee voicemail messages should utilize the Business Unit Group Name – Long Form. For example, a message may say, “Hello. You have reached John Smith at Dana Power Technologies…”

Facility operators and automated attendants also begin this message with the Business Unit Group Name – Long Form when answering the telephone. For example, “Thank you for calling the Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies…”

Service and Assembly Center (SAC) employees may say something similar to, “Thank you for calling Dana Service and Assembly Center (location name here)…”

World Headquarters and corporate employees may say something similar to, “Hello. You have reached Jane Doe at Dana Incorporated in the Corporate Communications department…”


PowerPoint® Presentations

Official PowerPoint® templates are available for download here: Dana PowerPoint Template.

All PowerPoint presentations must carry the following disclaimer on the title page:

“© 2018 Dana Limited. This presentation contains copyrighted and confidential information of Dana Incorporated and/or its subsidiaries. Those having access to this work may not copy it, use it, or disclose the information contained within it without written authorization of Dana Incorporated. Unauthorized use may result in prosecution.”

All subsequent pages must carry only the copyright portion of the disclaimer: “© 2018 Dana Limited.”

It is no longer acceptable to brand PowerPoint templates except with the approved corporate template. Product brands can be used in written form and as a graphic for the slide but shall not become part of the template.

Powerpoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.