Welcome to Dana's Brand Standards.

This website was developed to promote appropriate and consistent use of the Dana Diamond and other associated global branding elements. If you have additional access to the brand standards, please login here.

Use of the Dana Diamond logo by non-Dana organizations requires verbal or written permission, see below.

Thank you for helping Dana maintain and grow its world-class image. If you have questions relating to the proper use of the corporate mark (logo), please contact Corporate Communications.

Dana Diamond Logo Request

Thank you for your interest in the use of the Dana Diamond.

Clients, suppliers, conference organizers, academia, and the media interested in using the Dana Diamond, must make a formal request. Please click on the link below for the Logo Request Form.

To help assess your request, we need to gather some information on appropriate contacts within your organization. To facilitate the process, we ask that you be as specific as possible regarding your proposed use of the logo.

Once Corporate Communications receives the completed form from your Dana contact, we aim to make a decision regarding approval within five working days.