Ad and Literature Templates

Following these guidelines and utilizing the templates below for ads and collateral, when applied consistently across all business units globally, will aid in creating a “One Dana” look. Under the diagrams are links to download the actual Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator templates.

Ad Guidelines

Ad Guidelines

You may download the following templates here: Corporate Ad Template, OE Brand Ad Template, Aftermarket Brand Ad Template.
Go to the Basic Elements page to learn about Corporate Colors and Corporate Typefaces.

Adding Partner Logos

You may download the above template here: Channel Partner Ad Template.
Go to the Basic Elements page to learn about Corporate Colors and Corporate Typefaces.

Digital Advertising

Below are examples, followed by a few simple rules for creating Dana digital advertising. Click here to download Digital Advertising Illustrator Templates. NOTE: If not enough space is left in your creative area after inserting a particular brand logo, do not resize the logo to fit the space. Rather, chose an ad size that will afford you more creative space.

You may download the template here: Digital Ad Templates.


The Grid

For horizontal ads, the overall ad height should be divided into fifths. For vertical ads, the overall ad height should be divided into thirds and then the lower third should be divided into fifths. This is the grid.

The Creative Area

Use this space freely. Do not use competing or busy backgrounds that will create conflicts with the ad copy.

Try to avoid an overuse of drop shadows. If you use them, please make the shadow soft so it blends in smoothly with the background. it should be strong enough to serve its purpose, but not so strong that it draws attention to itself.

Sign-off Area

This will consist of the Brand Logo and (optionally for vertical formats) a product photo (or part of the main graphic or image) that can partially break in from the creative area.
– The items above should be legible.
– Keep this area clean and simple.
– No competing backgrounds.
– You can use these colors for the sign-off area background: white, black, gray or translucent.
– The position of the logo is the bottom right on vertical formats and far right on horizontal formats.

Always follow the rules found in the Basic Elements section of the Brand Standards regarding maintaining proper clear space around the Diamond.

Logo Size

The Primary Brand logo (or Aftermarket logo) is sized to the Brand Logotype, the height of which is 1/5th the height of the sign-off area.


The Call-to-Action should not compete with the logo or creative area. It should be positioned within the creative area.

For further information, contact Corporate Communications.

Literature Guidelines

Literature Guidelines | Front

Literature Guidelines | Back

You may download the following templates here (U.S. and A4): Corporate Collateral Templates | OE Brand Collateral Templates | Aftermarket Brand Collateral Templates
Go to the Basic Elements page to learn about Corporate Colors and Corporate Typefaces.


Website and Social Media Guidelines


Website Guidelines

When referring to a Dana url on any type of collateral or advertising, references will no longer use “www.” The url should be referred to with title case. See example above and references below.

Social Media

The use of social media icons on collateral or advertising is optional. If you have a need to place social media icons on literature, here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

– Always use “Follow (Brand Social Handle)” in front of the icons. (Ex: Follow SpicerParts).
– Font is Helvetica Neue 55 Roman.
– Color of text and icons is 50% Black on light backgrounds and White on dark backgrounds.
– Social media icons are locked as a group and are sized so that the Facebook “f” height is 125% the size of the cap height text “Follow XxxxXxxx”.
– Social media icons should be used just above the sign-off area (lower one seventh) and be subtle. DO NOT let them overpower the page.
– The icons are centered vertically with the text (see example below). A template can be downloaded here.