Intranet Standards Introduction

Dana’s closed internet (intranet) exists to help promote the free sharing of ideas and information only within the Dana family. Never give your access code to anyone outside the company. The rules and guidelines for using it are fairly simple and are outlined below. Detailed instruction on how to use this Microsoft® application may be found here: Microsoft® Office 365 Tutor.

In an effort to ensure that pages created by individual employees within Dana’s Intranet adhere as closely as possible to our corporate Branding and Identity Standards, the following guidelines should be followed.

The Corporate Mark

The Diamond that appears in the upper left hand corner of the new page should not be altered in any way. The “A” version of the Dana Diamond is the only acceptable version. It also should not be re-sized or repositioned.

Intranet initial page










What’s Your Style?

When you first begin creating your site, you’ll be given a default “palette” of six blue boxes to click on. The boxes represent the types of things you can add to or change regarding your site. The one titled “What’s your style?” is off limits to Dana personnel. There is room for creativity within your site, but its overall look and feel, including color palette, typefaces, is not part of that creativity. Remember, even though it is in one way “your” site, it still falls under the umbrella of Dana Incorporated.

Inserted Content

What you insert into your page, i.e., photos, charts, graphs, PowerPoint presentations, etc. is what will give the look of your site its uniqueness. That said, if you are the creator of the file or graphic to be inserted, it should follow the guidelines presented elsewhere in the Dana Branding and Identity Standards.


Dana’s corporate font for electronic applications is Arial (see Corporate Typefaces). Whenever Arial is in the list of font choices the program (Microsoft® Office 365) gives you, choose it.

Text Layout

One of the things you can edit is the text layout. You are free to choose whichever text layout suits your particular content.