Advertising and Promotional Materials

In order to present a consistent image of Dana products, Dana has established the following guidelines for the use of Dana trademarks in materials:
• Dana trademarks may not be combined or used in close association with trademarks belonging to others.
• Dana trademarks may be used only in the exact form prescribed in these standards. Different type styles, for example, are not permitted.
• Dana trademarks may be used only in conjunction with the sale of genuine Dana products. Substitute products from other manufacturers may never be advertised in connection with Dana trademarks.
• Dana trademarks used in advertisements and promotional materials must be those actually used by Dana on the specific products covered in the advertisement or literature. For example, products purchased from Dana without the Dana Diamond must not be advertised with the Dana Diamond.
• Dana trademarks may never be used in a way which could mislead the public to believe that the user is part of Dana.
• Dana trademarks will not be used in any manner that may reflect adversely upon Dana.
• Use of the Dana trademarks is not permitted in any illegal, vulgar, obscene, immoral, unsavory or offensive manner or in any sexually-oriented magazine, or in any other potentially controversial publication or other controversial media or setting whatsoever.
• Dana trademarks will not be used to suggest, state or indicate Dana’s sponsorship or endorsement of any person, product, service, activity, company, opinion or political position.
• Third parties will not have the right to use and will not use the Dana trademarks as part of the name of its business, as part of a name under which it does business, as a trade name or as part of its internet domain name or email address.
• Third parties will not (i) register or use any trademark which is confusingly similar to, or a colorable imitation of, any Dana trademarks or any part thereof, or (ii) register or use any word, symbol, character, or set of words, symbols, or characters, which in any language would be identified as the equivalent of any Dana trademarks or is confusingly similar in appearance, sound, meaning, or commercial impression to, a colorable imitation of, misleading or deceptive with respect to, or dilutes any of, the Dana trademarks or any part thereof.

Trademark Guidelines

  • Give notice of each trademark’s status (®, TM, or SM) upon first and/or primary reference in each advertisement or document.
  • Visually distinguish our trademarks through the appropriate display of Logotypes and product descriptors in copy text form, using capitalization, bold, or italics, as shown in these standards.
  • In text, use trademark names as adjectives followed by the generic names (nouns) of the associated product, for example, Spicer® products. Trademark names are never to be used in the possessive or plural forms when referring to products. For instance, it is incorrect to use “Spicer’s products” or “Spicers products.”
  • Whenever possible, applications using Dana trademarks should include a trademark notice. For example, Spicer® is a registered trademark of Dana Limited. This copy can be placed anywhere on the application, preferably in the closing, and in no smaller than 6-point type.


Copyright law protects original works such as presentations, videos, catalogs, graphical user interfaces, marketing, advertising and brochures from being copied.
For maximum protection of all Dana materials, we should include proper copyright notice on all as presentations, videos, catalogs, graphical user interfaces, marketing, advertising and brochures.

To indicate copyright, use a © symbol, year of publication, and name of the Dana entity. This line can be placed anywhere on the application. Preferably it should be placed in a footer and near the beginning, no smaller than 6-point type.
For example: © 2018 Dana Limited

Any questions regarding trademark or copyright guidelines should be directed to the Dana Law Department.