People Finding A Better Way

The corporate themeline “People Finding A Better Way”, is used wherever practical with the Dana Diamond throughout the Dana Identity system. It is never used alone. It must always be accompanied by the Diamond, either “locked” to the Diamond (see The Corporate Endorsement Unit below), or in close proximity to the Diamond (on the same page or venue). The following general guidelines and the examples throughout this section will assist you in the proper use of the themeline. Understanding that this current themeline could evolve or change in the future, these guidelines will be applicable to any themeline established by Dana for corporate-wide use.

The Corporate Endorsement Unit

The corporate endorsement unit (CEU) consists of the corporate mark in combination (locked up) with the themeline. It is available in two orientations: (A) Stacked and (B) Horizontal. Like the corporate brand logos, both versions of the corporate endorsement unit are designed as an established relationship, with no alterations allowed to the size, spacing, or proportions of the two elements. The corporate endorsement unit can be can be downloaded here (CEU A / CEU B) or from the resources page of this website.

Even in the rare instance where the themeline is used separate (detached) from the Dana Diamond, it should be sized as IF they were locked up. In other words, the size of the themeline on any page or venue should always be 250 percent of the width of the Diamond on that page or venue. Examples of this “unlocked” relationship are below (see Stationery).

NOTE: The registered trademark (®) is not taken into consideration when measuring the themeline. It “hangs” outside of the measurement.

Trademark Display

Always display the “®” (registered trademark) symbol with the themeline.

Themeline Color Standards

Themeline color options in order of preference are: (1.) Dana Black, (2.) a 40% screen of black, or (3.) reversed white from a dark color background.

 General Do’s and Don’ts

The following is a brief list of do’s and don’ts that will assist you in the proper use:

Use as often as possible and practical.
Use near photos of Dana people.
Use only from artwork available on the resources page.
Use as a summary or clincher.

use the themeline on any permanent or long-life applications such as signs and building exteriors.
Don’t use an acronym for People Finding A Better Way.
Don’t use the themeline on Business Cards or other applications where space is limited.
Don’t use the themeline with product brands or packaging.

Themeline Translation

Translations of the themeline are not trademarked, all translations need to be approved by Corporate Communications and legal. Once approved, if the themeline needs to be translated into another language, always add the translation below the script as shown here, set in Helvetica Neue 55 Regular (if applicable) or a typeface that closely resembles Helvetica Neue 55 Regular (see Replacement Typefaces). The CEU should maintain its lockup when adding the translation. The translation is always the same color as the script above it.

NOTE: Once approved, the translation may be added under the themeline anywhere the themeline is allowed (see Usage below) providing it is legible. In certain situations it may be too small to print or to be reproduced properly (such as small promotional items or embroidery).

An Adobe® Illustrator® template may be downloaded here: Themeline Translation Template.




The themeline, separate from the Dana Diamond, is to be added to the letterhead only, it should not be added to business cards or envelopes. This can be a “rolling change,” in that it is not necessary to throw away existing inventories of letterheads. Do it the next time you order stationery. You can find a downloadable letterhead template on the Stationery System page of this website.

Use when possible – almost always
• Newsletters
• Posters
• Banners
• Television and Video Presentation Use


Advertising and Collateral


In general, the themeline should be used whenever possible – when it makes sense, such as:
• Print Advertising
• Literature
• Brochure Covers
• Website
• Annual Report

The corporate themeline will always carry the “®mark.

Promotional Merchandise

The official source for Dana promotional merchandise is They can help you with pre-approved products and special orders that can be shipped worldwide.

Promotional products using the corporate endorsement unit, designed to further enhance Dana’s brand equity within the marketplace, are available for purchase from Dana’s preferred supplier, The Image Group. The identity program features a broad range of apparel and gifts for distribution to employees, customers, and other external shareholders. The items shown here are just a small sampling of the what is available. The program offers Dana people the benefits of quality, product selection, and low cost. Another benefit the preferred merchandise program offers is correct application of Dana’s identity and design formats, as well as quality image reproduction, which helps to strengthen the Dana and product brands. For more information you may go to the Promotional Merchandise page of this site.


For clothing, the corporate endorsement unit may be embroidered or silk-screened. Standard placement is left chest of garment. Approved color options for the endorsement unit are a full color Dana Diamond (Dana Blue with black,) all black, all white, or tone-on-tone accompanied with an all black, all white, or gray (equivalent to 40% black) themeline. If the full-color Dana Diamond is used on dark material, a fine white line must surround the logo (see logo version “A1”). In this case, the inside field should be white. NOTE: A special lockup with slightly different size relationships has been created for use in embroidery applications only. You can obtain one of these special, embroidery lockups by contacting Corporate Communications here.

Engraving Applications

The corporate endorsement unit may be etched into plaques and other engraved promotional merchandise in all-black or all-white.

Embossing, Debossing, or Hot Stamp Applications

The best registration for embossing or debossing applications is achieved by using a Dana Diamond with a minimum width of two inches. Hot stamping applications require a minimum of one inch. When applying the Diamond in combination with the themeline, the themeline stays in its “locked up” relationship to the Diamond an sizes up or down with the Diamond. Acceptable hot stamping colors: All-white, all-black, and one-tone metallic colors.

Interior Walls

The corporate endorsement unit may also be added to a wall, either in a conference room, training room, hallway or lobby. Below are multiple examples of  sample placement. Size, placement, and construction method will be determined on a per location basis with more information available in the appropriate section of the Brand Standards, Lobby / Entrance , Conference Room  and, Hallways and Corridors.

Conference Rooms and Training Rooms

The key is to not overuse the themeline. The corporate endorsement unit may be displayed a maximum of one time in the conference room and/or training area. This applies even in cases where a large room can be separated into more than one room using dividers. It can be displayed in either of the two ways shown, either horizontally (version A) or stacked vertically (version B). Size, placement, and construction method will be determined on a per location basis. Material should be 1/4” (6mm) dimensional, horizontally brushed stainless steel, anodized aluminum or a metal laminate substitute affixed directly to the wall or face of a painted white panel.  Whenever possible, the white panel should be a high gloss painted panel no smaller than 40″ (1016mm) tall, of varied length (based on application). High gloss paint finish to match RAL 9003 Signal White. Panel thickness is 2″ (51mm), mounted with the vertical center at eye level.

Lobby and Photo Opp Areas

When using the themeline in the lobby or as part of a photo opp area in a conference room or training area, it can be separated from the Diamond, with the Diamond and the location on one side of the photo opp area and the themeline on the other.


Images that complement the themeline are images with a mixture of people in training and people doing their jobs. The images shown below are merely examples of how to size/crop images of Dana people doing their jobs or being trained. They can be either black and white or in full color. Approved, downloadable images can be found on the Dana Images Library (DML). If you prefer to use images of your own employees you can hire a local photographer. When using your own employees, check with your HR department to make sure the employees have releases in their contracts that allow Dana to use their images.

NOTE: All items that hang on the wall should be mounted with the vertical center at eye level. Once you have determined your center line, use that for all of the images in the room. Also, use at least three images together (as shown).