Photography Style

First and foremost, photos used in Dana communications should be bright and clean. Whenever possible, try to simplify the photos. Eliminate clutter, simplify the crop, crop in on the central concept, move highlighted subject to foreground with out-of-focus background – all are common techniques. Imagine that the photo will only be used at a small inset size.

“Dragging the shutter” or motion blurring of people and machines adds to the active nature of the images. Look for opportunities to shoot optional images using this technique.

Look to highlight the newest processes and technologies whenever possible while avoiding outdated equipment. Products should be shot with strong fill light to show product detail. Retain all shadows whenever possible. Shoot alternative product images adding reflex blue filters to specific lights so blue tint becomes visible in the highlights and in darker product areas as well as in shadows.

Bright, clean, active, and advanced.

Lastly, look for opportunities to shoot long lens close-ups of Dana people at work. All persons appearing (that are recognizable) in photos should sign a model release.