Supporting Elements

The supporting elements page offers additional guidance on the following items:

Trademarks for Designers
Bullets for Designers
Graphs, Charts, and Tables
Website and Social Media Guidelines


Trademarks for Designers

As you can see in the example, Helvetica Neue, “out-of-the-box”* registered trademark and trademark symbols do not look visually the same size and they are too large in general. For consistency, please follow the guidelines in the Recommended, After Modification diagram below.


Bullets for Designers

Dana uses square bullets in text. Helvetica Neue (Dana’s corporate typeface) has no square bullet. Therefore, another font has to be used. Universal News with Commercial Pi is the chosen typeface for creating square bullets. As you can see from the image, when using this font “out-of-the-box”, the bullets end up being the wrong size and they’re not the correct distance from the words.

Using Universal News bullets (regardless of the Helvetica Neue style being used), and following the Recommended Bullet Usage Standards shown in this image, will fix the existing problems and help all of Dana’s communications to have a consistent look across all venues.

NOTE: These rules do not apply to Microsoft applications. They apply only to designers using programs that allow for such modifications. For Microsoft applications use the square bullet and adjust the color to match “Dana Blue”.


Shown here is a sampling of the Dana icon family. They are to be used whenever and wherever a simple, graphic representation is needed and are available for download here.

One Icon, Two Styles

As you can see, each icon comes in two styles. An outlined version and a solid version. Both of these versions are available as a reversed option as well. Do not mix the two, except when highlighting a particular one to make a point.

Basic Rules

Here are some basic rules to follow that will help ensure a cohesive, standard look to Dana’s visual communications:

– They must be one color.
– The only acceptable colors are Dana blue, black, white, or gray.* please reference Dana Corporate color palette.
– When using multiple icons, keep them the same size.
– Do not add any drop shadows to the icons.
– Do not alter the icon design.
– Use the OUTLINE icons for a soft / subtle / light graphic approach.  Example: websites, brochures.
– Use the SOLID icons for a bold / strong graphic approach.  Example: infographics, PowerPoint, internal posters.
– Use the same family of icons.  Example: all outline or all solids. You may use the reverse version of an icon if you are trying to draw attention to specific information in an infograph.


Graphs, Charts, and Tables

When using a graph, chart or table, use the appropriate graph for the type of information being presented. Please follow the color guidelines utilizing the standards for Corporate, Brand, and Supporting colors which is located on the Basic Elements page of the Brand Standards.


Bar Graphs

Using Dana Corporate Colors

Graphs involving Dana needing only two colors use Process Blue and Process Black.

Using Dana Brand Colors

Graphs involving Dana Brands use Brand Colors and 428 Gray.

Using Supporting Colors

If you need additional colors use the Supporting Colors.


Doughnut and pie charts are additional ways to show your data. When using one of these styles all doughnut and pie charts begin at 12:00 and proceed clockwise, from largest to smallest whenever possible. An exception would be if you are showing comparisons from chart to chart and need to keep the information in the same location or your other category is the largest. Use your best judgement.

Doughnut Chart Version 1 – Using Supporting Colors


Doughnut Chart Version 2 – Using Supporting Colors

Pie Chart using Supporting Colors


Depending on the information you are sharing two styles of tables have been provided. The first column should be aligned left. Left-aligned text can wrap to multiple lines if needed, but try to keep the content simple and use the minimal amount of text. All other columns should be aligned center.


Website and Social Media Guidelines


Website Guidelines

When referring to a Dana url on any type of collateral or advertising, references will no longer use “www.” The url should be referred to with title case. See example above and references below.

Social Media

The use of social media icons on collateral or advertising is optional. If you have a need to place social media icons on literature, here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

– Always use “Follow (Brand Social Handle)” in front of the icons. (Ex: Follow SpicerParts).
– Font is Helvetica Neue 55 Roman.
– Color of text and icons is 50% Black on light backgrounds and White on dark backgrounds.
– Social media icons are locked as a group and are sized so that the Facebook “f” height is 125% the size of the cap height text “Follow XxxxXxxx”.
– Social media icons should be used just above the sign-off area (lower one seventh) and be subtle. DO NOT let them overpower the page.
– The icons are centered vertically with the text (see example below). A template can be downloaded here.




There will be times when our corporate themeline and/our brands must be translated into the local language. When this becomes necessary, please follow the sizing guidelines set forth in the images.

NOTE: Please review standards for People Finding A Better Way prior to creating translation.