The Company Name

The formal name of the company is Dana Incorporated; however, referring to Dana Incorporated as simply “Dana” is acceptable and encouraged when used in a non-legal manner. References to “Dana Holding Corporation” should be discontinued.

When used in text, the word “Dana” should not be used in all capital letters. Only the “D” is capitalized. The remaining letters are lower case.

Dana trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol DAN. The initials are pronounced as three separate letters, not “Dan.”

Dana Limited is a legal entity and refers to corporate support functions – many of which reside within the Corporate Offices. Most of the time, the name will be used for internal purposes only. However, many of the company’s trademarks and copyrights will be owned by Dana Limited. Therefore, you may see the symbol “© 2018 Dana Limited” on Web sites, and in references to some trademarks.

Business Unit or Group Name – Long Form

(for use WITHOUT Dana Diamond or reference to Dana Incorporated)

Dana Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies
Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies
Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies
Dana Power Technologies
Dana Aftermarket Group
Dana Global Purchasing

Business Unit or Group Name – Short Form

(for use WITH Dana Diamond or with Dana Incorporated)

Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies
Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies
Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies
Power Technologies
Aftermarket Group
Global Purchasing

The Business Unit or Group Names are encouraged for use globally, since they are not legal entities. In addition, legal entities may be required in some countries.