Test / Promotional Vehicles


Dana has a number of vehicles for the testing, customer demonstration, and promotion of its advanced technologies. In an effort to not overly promote one vehicle brand over another, while emphasizing that Dana is testing technologies in real-life situations, it will at times be required to paint vehicles and use spot graphics on white or black vehicles. If your vehicle is a color other than white or black, a full wrap would be necessary in order to make it either white or black.

Our vehicles are traveling billboards, making them an excellent way to promote Dana.
There are three types of vehicles in our fleet: Corporate, Aftermarket, and Technology Demonstrators. Each type has its differentiators, but the two elements that tie them all together are the Dana Diamond and the “diamond burst” graphic.Any branding of vehicles (other than Dana) for sponsorships (such as racing) should be approved by the appropriate marketing communications leader and Corporate Communications.

The three types of decorations, along with application guidelines, are shown below. Your vehicle may be branded as Dana (corporate) or a particular Dana brand (e.g. Spicer Electrified), but not both.

NOTE: It is important that we keep our vehicles as clean as possible in order to present our company in the best light at all times.

NOTE: The images shown here are for reference only. For advice on finishing detail and final approval, please contact Corporate Communications.


Dana Vehicle Branding

When painting a passenger car or truck for the Dana livery, choose an OE “stock” white vehicle and tastefully apply the Dana Diamond, and a particular Dana Brand or Brands, e.g. Brevini, PIV, etc. (optional) as shown on the light truck image below. A template for adding the Brands may be downloaded here.

The images below are for reference only. The vehicle shown is merely one example. Because no two vehicles are alike, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the size and spacing of the various elements. In the end, your vehicle(s) should look similar to one of the examples shown below. Please contact Corporate Communications for advice on finishing detail and final approval.

The examples below show options for using one Brand as well as multiple Brands.

The only way you can include more than one brand on a vehicle is by using ONLY their respective logotypes (see light truck below).

NOTE: For Brevini vehicles, Brevini should be the brand listed first.

Semi Tractor-Trailer and Trailer

The diagrams here show the five areas that can and should be branded on the corporate semi tractor-trailer. They are: both sides of the tractor, both sides of the trailer, and the back of the trailer.


Aftermarket Vehicles

Aftermarket vehicles can use a combination of the solid and outlined versions of the diamond burst graphic. The colors used should always be either Dana blue, gray, white, or clear*. The diamond burst should not be done in brand colors.

NOTE: The “diamond burst” graphic may be replaced with graphics that promote the vehicle manufacturer. But mixing the two is not advised. Doing so will be visually confusing and could compromise the message.
NOTE: *Clear could be in the form of a translucent film that would change the sheen in spots, creating a “varnish” look similar to a common printing technique.

Technology Demonstrators

What Can I Put On My Vehicle? Basically, the rule is one Diamond (or Primary Brand Logo) per each side of the vehicle. One can also go on the hood. Never have a lone Dana Diamond AND a Primary Brand Logo on the same vehicle. It’s either one or the other. Technology demonstrators must include the words “Technology Demonstrator” in Helvetica Neue 77 Bold condensed.

When painting a liveried off-highway vehicle or heavy truck, use the following RAL color formulas:

RAL 9002 grey white (the cabin)
RAL 5015 Sky Blue (any Dana parts match Pantone® Process Blue w/clear coat)
RAL 7016 medium gray (everything else)

NOTE: The aerial work platform shown is allowed to have both the Dana Diamond AND the Spicer Electrified logo only because the two are so far from each other. This is an exception, not the rule.