Brand Standards Overview

The Dana Brand Standards website was developed to promote up-to-date, appropriate, and consistent use of Dana’s Brand and Identity Standards.

The elements of image and identity are among the most obvious things we notice when we are first exposed to printed or published materials from any company. Whether it’s an advertisement, a website, or even a business card, we immediately make judgments about a company based on the appearance, quality, and consistency of its identity.

Careless or haphazard identity usage can reflect negatively on Dana. On the other hand, recognizable and consistent branding and identity standards strengthen the Dana name, our brands, and our products and services.

The following videos will walk you through the basic and supporting elements of the corporate brand. You will then be provided with additional resources to explore further on your own. You can contribute to the strength of Dana’s identity by making use of this important resource.

Thank you for helping Dana maintain and grow its world-class image.